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Halloween Fundraiser

Come! Enter the graveyard if you dare. Go past the ghosts to the Demon’s lair Hold on, hold on with all your might Do all that you can to survive this night If you are strong and brave and bold Accept this summons you now hold Join us in fun, but be always aware That terror and fright will also be there!!

Join us for a scary and fun night!! Raffles, fun games and a chance to win thousands of dollars. Best costume contest! Costumes not required but strongly suggested

*Cash bar and full menu available for order

Millers Ale House
617 Watertown, MA 02472
Saturday, October 28: 6:00pm - ??

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Become a Lay-Away Angel!

Last year, Sofia's Angels Foundation had the privilege of paying off layaway items at local stores to benefit the individuals trying to manage their holiday budget. It was such an enriching and joyous experience that we would love to carry on the tradition, but we can't do it alone. With your help, we can continue to surprise people with the treasured gift of caring and giving during one of the most wonderful seasons of the year. Please consider donating any amount you are comfortable with, and sharing with your friends and family. Every little bit counts! Remember, as a bonus, we are a 501c3 and your donations are tax deductible

"Good Sam" Novel inspires real life Good Samaritans

Good Sam is an award-winning novel being published in June 2014 about an anonymous Good Samaritan (aka Good Sam) who leaves $100K in cash on strangers front porches throughout Los Angeles. But the author, Dete Meserve, never expected that the book would put her in touch with several real life Good Sams who are doing anonymous acts of kindness across the nation.

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Why One Woman Is Spreading Love Through Boston, One Act of Kindness At A Time

For as long as she can remember, Cathy O'Grady has enjoyed bringing a smile to the faces of total strangers. She would treat people in line next to her at a cafe to lunch or coffee, for no reason other than the simple pleasure of making someone's day. But O'Grady says she was truly inspired her to commit her life to performing random acts of kindness after her mother's death from breast cancer 15 years ago.

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